15U bring a SILVER back from Pittsburgh!


The 15U team participated in the Pittsburgh East Coast Championships this past weekend to celebrate a fantastic season! The girls were competitive the first two days of the tournament, finishing 3rd in their pool both days, but on the final day was when they really shone. Our girls won the first must win game against Columbia Typhoon, 25-23, 22-25, 15-6. The girls played their best best game of the tournament and it was amazing to watch their fight and determination! The semi-final game was against a team from Maryland and the Vipers won 25-16 and 25-11, with all of our girls playing extremely well!


Right after these back to back games it was time for the gold medal match! After a tough back and forth battle our girls brought home a silver medal in their tier, falling just shy of the gold medal against the Markham Venom team. The first set our girls were down 12-17 and fought back to win 25-18! The second set they were down 11-17 and couldn't quite pull out the win, but fought right to the end with a score of 25-27. Unfortunately, in the third set our girls fell in a very intense 13-15 set. It was a nail biting game and we were the last team playing in the whole 40+ court facility!! 

This is the first time a Viper team has headed to the U.S. for a tournament, so it is very exciting that we got to declare some hardware at the border! This tournament officially closes out the 2017/2018 indoor season, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. 

Following this team throughout the season has been amazing. In their 10 tournaments this season they have finished in the top four 9 times, the only exception being a 16U tournament early in the season, and have won 6 medals! We look forward to seeing what heights this team reaches next year! 

Way to go Vipers! 


End of Season Celebration Banquet!

Banquet Group Photo.jpg

Just like that another season has come to an end! It was wonderful seeing everyone so happy and dressed up on Wednesday night. We love seeing the Viper family together! 


Congratulations to all of our award winners. We like to acknowledge players for their hard work each season, but it is always so hard to choose with so many amazing athletes on our teams! 

[Top Row: Julia (15U Team Choice), Lindsay (15U Most Improved), Victoria (15U OVAtion), Kristen (15U MVP), Maddy (14U MVP), Ella (14U OVAtion), Ajla (14U Team Choice), Maya (14U Most Improved), Natalia (16U OVAtion), Amy (16U MVP), Madyson (16U Most Improved)

Bottom Row: Andrea (13U Team Choice), Mackenzie (13U MVP), Iliana (13U OVAtion), Sydney (13U Most Improved), Melanie (16U Team Choice)]

We'd like to thank all the parents, players, coaches who helped make this season the best Vipers' season yet! It is incredible to see all the friendships that were made this season and how far each team has come. We are so proud of all of our athletes. Together, we brought home 14 medals this season and all of our teams moved up in the provincial rankings since last year! 

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this small but mighty club! We will see some of you on the beach in a couple of weeks and we hope to see you all at tryouts in September! We already can't wait! Way to go Vipers!

13U Vipers win Provincial Bronze!


Congratulations to our 13U team for bringing home a BRONZE medal at the OVA Championships yesterday! The girls played some tough teams throughout the tournament but they held their own and kept fighting, being rewarded with a third place finish in Division 2 Tier 2 out of 3 Divisions! The Vipers were ranked 13th in the division entering the tournament and beat 19th ranked DRVC in two straight sets on Sunday with scores of 25-20, 27-25! The girls continued on their high into the next game against number 1 seeded Forest City Blue but unfortunately fell short in a close third set 12-15. On Monday the girls had more close sets against tough teams, some with scores of 25-23 and also falling to the Stratford team that ended up taking gold in their tier.

The girls were fighting hard against tough teams in every set! It's amazing to see such young players spiking hard and so many of them overhand serving consistently! These skills all came together on Tuesday in their first match, that they had to win to continue their journey! Putting their nerves aside they defeated the Venom team, ranked just behind them at 15th, in three sets with scores of 25-19, 18-25, and 15-9! Winning this first game of playoffs is always the hardest game of the tournament so we are so proud of the girls for this accomplishment! 

In the semi-finals the 13Us were matched up against the DRVC team we met on Sunday and unfortunately fell short this time in a very close third set, 13-15. However, that didn't stop the Vipers! In the Bronze medal match we had to play 11th ranked West Nipissing Wild, and it was the most nerve racking game of the tournament! The final scores were 19-25, 25-12, and despite falling behind in the third set, having to come back from 11-13, the Vipers came out on top winning 16-14!

This team has always been so special. Not only are they the clubs youngest team, but we knew they were going to do well right from the first tryout when we had the highest tryout attendance the club has seen to date! In addition, we had 4 parent coaches volunteer to help train these girls and teach them the skills needed to succeed! This team has finished in the top 5 in all of their tournaments, earning silver and bronze at two of the 4, and now a provincial medal to top it off! Congratulations to the players, parents and coaches on an amazing season! We can't wait for next year! 

Provincial Bronze for 15U Vipers!


Congratulations to our 15U Vipers for playing awesome this past weekend at the OVA Championships! Medaling at the provincials is a tough thing to do with the final day requiring two consecutive wins in order to make it to the semi-finals. Not only did our girls complete this daunting task, but they did so by starting out ranked 25th out of 32 teams in Division 3 out of 5! Our team started near the bottom of Tier 2 and jumped all the way to 3rd in Tier 1!! 

It all began on Friday when the girls finished 1st in their pool, which was the only way for them to move to Tier 1. They won their first two games in 2 straight sets and won their final game against 17th ranked Etobicoke Titans Theia in 3 sets. The girls fell behind with a score of 8-25 in the first set but stayed positive and brought tons of energy, winning the next two sets with scores of 25-15 and 15-11! On Saturday the girls needed to finish at least 3rd in their pool to remain in Tier 1 and they finished 2nd! They beat both the 8th and 12th ranked team but unfortunately fell to the undefeated KW Predators United 14U team in two sets. 

On Sunday the Vipers were matched up against Peel Selects, ranked 1st in Division 3. Our girls brought their A game winning this important first game in two straight sets with scores of 25-20 and 25-21! Winning this game alone is an amazing accomplishment because as a third year team this is the first time they have made it this far. A couple of hours later the girls won their quarter final game against KW Predators Black in 3 sets! The first 2 sets were very close but then our girls gave their all to the 3rd set winning 15-6! 

Unfortunately in the semis the Vipers met the KW Predators United 14U team again and fell short. The good news is, this team continued to go undefeated all weekend winning the Gold! Vipers went on to beat Brant Orange in the bronze medal match in two straight sets, meaning that all weekend the girls only fell to the gold medal team!

The progress the 15U Vipers have made this season as individual players and a team has been amazing to watch. We are so proud of each and every one of them for playing hard and helping to win critical matches throughout the tournament! Congratulations girls, you should be very proud!

Good luck to all of our teams in the upcoming provincial weekends! 

15U Vipers win Bronze in 16U tournament!


Our 15U team had one of the best tournaments of their season this past Saturday, as they played up in the 16U OVA Bugarski Cup and won the BRONZE! The girls started by finishing second in their pool, only falling to Ancaster Lions 16U. Vipers won the first set with a very close 29-27 score, but because there were 4 teams in their pool it came down to point differentials in 2 sets and Ancaster won by more points the second set. A highlight of pool play was when our girls won a set 25-1!! We lost the first point of the game but then served 24 serves in a row and played excellent defence to protect our side of the court!

In the quarter-finals our girls had a tough cross over against Hamilton Smash 15U Teal who are ranked 54th going into the 15U OVA Championships (we are ranked 89th out of 140) and we came out on top in a very close 3 sets, with a final score of 15-10! After a two game break, the girls were matched up against the strong Predators Ignite 15U in the semis, ranked 34th in Ontario! Our girls gave it their all in very close sets, but unfortunately lost in the 3rd set with a score of 13-15. Both teams played amazing offence and defence, and players from the Predators team were impressed with how competitive we were!

Not only did these girls fight hard all day but they endured one of the longest OVA tournaments we have ever seen! Due to all of the close games throughout the day their final Bronze medal match didn't finish until 8:00pm! Despite how tired and hungry the girls were they brought their A game right until the very end. They were matched up against Ancaster Lions again, but this time were able to pull out the win in a very close 3 set match, with the final score being 17-15! We are so proud of these girls for fighting so hard throughout such a long and hard tournament. This tournament was excellent preparation for the provincials in two weeks, and we look forward to seeing them bring everything they learned on Saturday to the court in Waterloo!

Our 16U girls also played well this tournament! Unfortunately they were matched up against the very tough 1st ranked Predators team in the quarters, but then went on to win 5th beating the 2nd ranked Hamilton Smash team in 3 sets! Well done Vipers!

15U take Bronze!


15U Vipers are back at it again with a great OVA tournament finish! Our girls won 4/5 games in two sets on Saturday, only falling to Brant Tornados Orange in the semi-finals. Earlier in the season when we faced this team in the semis we beat them in a close 3 sets, but unfortunately this time Brant came out on top and later went on to take gold. Coming off of the semis our girls played great in the BRONZE medal final, taking the win! 

We are very proud of this team for finishing in the top 4 in all four of their OVA tournaments this season, and landing in the top 3 in all but the first! They are really breaking through this season and we know they definitely have more to come! Seeing the potential in these girls is so exciting and we look forward to seeing them play in the provincials and in Pittsburgh at the end of the season! Go Vipers!  

13U Vipers score OVA Silver!


Today our 13U team had their best tournament of the season, and their volleyball careers! They started out strong beating both MVC 12U and Hamilton Smash 12U in the morning to get 1st in their pool. They were undefeated all the way to the semi-finals where they faced Niagara Rapids Summit, winning an exciting match with scores of 23-25, 25-20 and 16-14! The girls then went up against top ranked Halton Hurricanes Blue for the gold! Our girls didn't go down without a fight, taking the Hurricanes to 3 sets and hustling the entire game! A SILVER medal is such an exciting way for this team to end their OVA regular season! We are so proud of these girls and we know that they will continue to work hard at practice in preparation for the OVA Provincial Championships in April! 

16U Vipers take OVA Bronze!


This past Saturday our 16U Vipers demonstrated teamwork and dedication, bringing home the BRONZE medal at the OVA McGregor Cup! We've always known that these girls had great potential so it very exciting to see them rewarded two weekends in a row!

The girls entered this tournament ranked 7th but that didn't stop them from defeating 6th ranked Waterloo Tigers Red in two straight sets in the morning, landing them 2nd place in their pool. The team then went on to defeat the Guelph Jr. Gryphons 15U Black team in the quarter finals with scores of 25-21 and 25-12. Unfortunately in the semis our girls fell short to a tough 2nd ranked Waves team, the team that later took gold. However, our girls were not done yet! They went up against 4th ranked MVC 15U and defeated them in 2 sets with scores of 25-20 and 25-22, securing the bronze medal!

This is also an exciting milestone for the Grimsby Volleyball Association as all 4 of our teams now have OVA medals for this season! Making the 2017/2018 season our most competitive season yet! We'd like to wish our 13U Vipers good luck in their final OVA tournament tomorrow as well! 

Go Vipers!

16U Silver!


Last weekend our 16U team brought home a SILVER medal from the Markham Youth Volleyball Exhibition Tournament!

We are so proud of these girls and we look forward to seeing how they take on the second half of their season! We will be cheering them on as they compete in the OVA McGregor Cup tomorrow!

Good luck to our 14, 15 and 16U teams competing in tournaments this weekend!

Go Vipers!